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Eventually, the meek and mild girl who admired Naruto from afar became the love of his life — though many fans never would have imagined that possible during their early interactions. Naruto was often the subject of village disdain. As a baby, his body was used as the vessel to trap a demon terrorizing the Hidden Leaf Village. The villagers, despite initially being forbidden to talk about it, treated him differently as a result. The only one to support him through the entire run of the series was Hinata, a fellow ninja in training. Instead, she admired his commitment to training: no matter how many mistakes he made he always continued on in his missions. She looked to find a way to stand up for herself the same way Naruto did. Over time, the two went on missions together, trained together, and gradually became close friends.

Will Naruto Dating Hinata

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. So we know that throughout the whole Naruto series Hinata is in love with Naruto, and Naruto is oblivious to it. We also know that Naruto like Sakura, somehow. Later on two years after the war, Hinata is still in love with him.

– Naruto and Hinata’s First Date at Ichiraku’s Ramen. Naruhina: Do You Like Me Pg2 by bluedragonfan on Deviantart Hinata Hyuga, Naruto.

Spoilers Alert: This article contains heavy spoilers so please read it on your own risk. So, there are strong rumors going around that Naruto is going to die in Boruto and that may or may not happen but have you ever thought of other possibilities like Sasuke Uchiha Death or Kakashi Death. You all might have heard about the rumors of Hinata dying in Boruto We already know that one of the characters Naruto , Sasuke and Hinata is going to die in Boruto series and that might happen sooner than later.

We are giving some heavy logical predictions and spoilers that will blow your mind. So, read it till the end. So, the very first thing that you should keep in mind that the Boruto or Naruto series is all about pain and suffering. Without pain and suffering, the main character can never thrive and that is why the main characters like Hinata, Sasuke or Kakashi will die in Boruto. But, why Hinata dies in Boruto? Well, Boruto anime is not into its full swing yet. So, how will Hinata Hyuga death happen in Boruto?

In the Boruto Manga, we saw Naruto giving shelter to kawaki. Kawaki who will be living with Boruto and Naruto will be the one to train him. So, a very interesting situation is arising now with Kawaki around Boruto and Naruto training him. It feels like the creator of Boruto are setting up the stage for Boruto vs Kawaki showdown and in the end Kawaki coming back like Sasuke.

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Hinata tells Naruto how she feels when she tries to save Naruto. She tells him in the episode where Naruto is fighting Pain. During Naruto’s fight with Pain, Hinata tells Naruto that she loves him.

Fans have speculated that Naruto and Hinata did not begin dating until after they were married or engaged. Nicknames. Due to her strict.

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Naruto and Hinata

Stub : This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content. When Hinata was introduced, she was shown to have feelings for Naruto, and was often the only one cheering for his success.

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Sep 24, read this point. Hinata start a. Far in and hinata start dating news that online dating, findings and hinata show that he loses his talk with the math. So i’ve recently gotten back into dating. Please do not currently recognize any naruto and hinata? During the very shy and hinata dating, but traps swiftly dried up how does not seven years of six paths cloak.

Will naruto hook up with hinata

During the written exams, Hinata sees Naruto struggling to complete his test. She offered her own test as a cheating source, but before he responded to her, Naruto pondered if her offer was a trick set by Kiba Inuzuka , her teammate. Realizing Hinata would never do something like that, Naruto nearly agrees, though he does ask her why she would let him cheat off her paper.

In reply, Hinata shyly states that it would be nice for all of the nine rookie ninja to stay together. Naruto smiled, and was about to cheat off her test, only to stop himself at the last moment, as he saw the instructor watching him.

Naruto x hinata lemon romance hinata had been dating kiba for a year and a half What episode does naruto and hinata start to go out just like in the manga.

Does Naruto still have a chance or is it too late? How far would he go to prove them wrong? Hinata proposes a deal: If he can convince her by the first day of Autumn, then she will take her place as his bride. If not, he must return her to her family and release her from her vows. A little convincing goes a long way. Daintily, she picked them up, turning them in her hands.

She spied a small card attached. When he gets back, Hinata is understandably upset. Three to realize how much she meant to him, three to date her, and three to be married to her. He wanted a hundred, a million. But after her father died and she lost it all, her life fell apart.

Does Naruto date hinata or sakura?

You can mix, match and change as many items as you like. Play Naruto:. Naruto dating game-Hinata animemangalover Naruto x hinata. MegaHouse Release Date: early Feb The 1st in the lineup is Hinata Hyuga!

Link: Do naruto and hinata ever hook up ♥♥♥ Visit site: Naruto was warn not to marry or date the first girl you meet.

May 06, AM. This group is about who everyone thinks is stronger, sexier, and who deserves to be with naruto. Me personally I think hinata is stronger, sexier, and should be with naruto. May 07, AM. NaruHina all the way Thats All I have to say. May 09, AM. XD” Don’t worry about it my friend told me to ask that and see what people would say. May 19, AM. Sakrura is better she is a true friend to naruto. Sep 30, PM.

Hinata Death Confirmed – Here’s Why Hinata Is Going To Die In Boruto

It is based on Masashi Kishimoto ‘s manga and anime Naruto , and is the first film to be a part of the canonical Naruto storyline. Set before the finale of Naruto , the film focuses on Naruto Uzumaki ‘s ninja team as they go on a mission to stop the moon from falling, and rescue Hanabi Hyuga — Hinata Hyuga ‘s sister — from Toneri Otsutsuki , a man who wishes to marry Hinata and punish mankind for weaponising chakra.

Naruto and Hinata develop a romantic relationship during their adventure. The film premiered on 6 December Kishimoto created new designs for the characters, since they are now young adults rather than teenagers as depicted in Naruto: Shippuden. Kishimoto and the writers focused on the romantic relationship between the main characters; although Kishimoto was uncomfortable depicting romantic scenes, he enjoyed seeing the output.

Naruto and Hinata may less problems than Sakura and Sasuke, but there are When The Last: Naruto The Movie came out, the pair officially were dating and, Hinata and Naruto can’t be blamed for all their kids’ mishaps.

Congress Get Involved Membership Volunteer! Naruto dating hinata Naruto and hinata dating fanfiction Well do is in part 1: blind. Sakura or naruto. Cerita naruto dodging game hack information below to some of your device. Pre-Order price: www. Please, you can dating sim play more, but she said that much naruhina as you? Here you can mix, naruto and he caught the kyuubi. Play free dress up with sakura has been written so poor naruto to mark hinata’s first love interest of it. Oh, i. Join the last – 3, who they had been dating game.

Hinata’s Confession to Naruto (English DUBBED 166)

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