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Hey sorry I haven’t been here in awhile life is just catching up with me. So this one is for you King of Random I don’t own anything :. Robin sat in the T-car patiently waiting for Starfire. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel waiting for her to meet him in the car. Robin was actually surprised that Cyborg finally gave in to letting Robin borrow his ‘baby’. Besides you won’t even tell me what you want it for. The real reason he wanted to use it was to take Starfire out on a date. It had been three weeks since they had come home from Tokyo and they had yet to talk more about their relationship with all the new villains running around the city.

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Hey this is my first ever fanfic so please go easy on me! Trust me, if I owned the Teen Titans they would still be on Cartoon takes place a few years after Tokyo. Starfire and Robin are dating and Yes so you know Robin is a little taller then her now.

After Tokyo, Robin has finally built up the courage to ask out Starfire, and he asks the other titans to watch over the town while their gone, but.

Writer’s Note:This takes place shortly after the episode “Winner takes all”. Here, Robin was impressed by Speedy’s skills and wished to have him over to meet the other Titans and to train with him. So let’s begin. Looks just like ours at East. C’mon inside, the others will be trilled to meet you. Speedy, you remember Beast Boy and Cyborg May I fetch you a glass of the water or perhaps a tea which is iced? Oh my god she’s beautiful! Thought Speedy and as grinned and took her hand, charmingly wrapping it slightly around his and bent over to kiss it.

Robin stood with his mouth gapped open. Starfire put her other hand to her cheek, blushing slightly. Speedy looked at Star. Starfire stood silent for a moment, trying to understand what had just happened.

Robin and starfire dating fanfiction

Superhero couples are one of the few things that make comics so fun to follow, and there are few quite as iconic as Robin and Starfire within the DC Universe. These two staple Teen Titans members come from completely different worlds, quite literally, which adds an intriguing dynamic to their relationship. Starfire is a much less recognized character, but can usually be identified as the alien with fiery red hair that becomes an integral part of the Teen Titans.

Much is known about them as individuals, but how many of you can say you truly know them as a couple? With the two bound to pair off soon in the Titans series, it is crucial for you to understand how the two came to be, and what exactly makes them one of the most interesting couples in the DC Universe move over Superman and Lois Lane. While the show may have a different interpretation than fans are used to, the two have a long history and there have been many different versions of the characters.

This story is to the fans of Teen Titans, who want Starfire and Robin to be in a relationship. Through Teen Titans FanFic (15years later) by PandaDoll #​

Robin stood in front of the silver door that gleamed in the florescent light. He lifted his hand up to the door and muttered some words to himself. He quickly placed his hand back beside him and started pacing again. He muttered a few more words to the door that no one could hear, or so he thought. He scolded himself and began his pacing again. Beastboy and Cyborg peaked around the corner, captivated by his efforts, and a little part of them was trying not to laugh.

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Robin and Starfire have been dating for two years, now it’s time to meet the parents! What twists and turns happen along the way? You’ll have.

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I’m sort of tall at my school, about cm 5 feet 6 inches – HA! I used to be only 5 feet three years ago. Talk about a growth spurt! Of course, there are many more.

Rated: Fiction K+ – English – Romance – Starfire, Robin – Words: 2, – Reviews: 68 Here, we just call it a date,” said Cyborg with a smile.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Stranded by Serenity – formerly sb1 reviews Dick and Kory are trapped together on a desert island, but they can’t stand each other. So they have to deal with each other’s company in the hopes that they’ll be rescued, but as they spend more time together, being rescued doesn’t seem like an issue One Thing Leads to Another by katergator reviews One thing leads to another when Starfire and Raven attend a lingerie party and Robin gets a surprise view of Starfire’s new undergarment.

I have updated each chapter! PLease read from beginning: Robin chooses Slade over Starfire and she gets seperated from the Titans. What will happen?

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She was on her bed. She looked at her Mumbo clock. It was only eight in the morning. She didn’t have to wake up so early.

Starfire had trouble sleeping and she went to Robin and asked for help. Then “​Ohhh Looks like Robin and Starfire are on a date today!

Heyaaa I’m back : so yeah every RobStar writer must have a story of them happening on the roof because… it’s the roof and a number of RobStar fluff happens there so here you go! This is the sequel to my other fic ‘friend’ oh! Everyone was busy preparing everything for tonight. Starfire entered the room and saw Cyborg and Beast Boy arguing about the menu for tonight’s dinner as usual Robin was putting up decorations and Raven was helping him.

What merry feast do we have today that all of you are busy preparing? Starfire looked at him, confused once again. Robin explained that New Year symbolizes that the Earth has made another full rotation around the sun and that humans were always celebrating the start of another rotation. Starfire cheered and said something about a similar feast back on her planet and she assisted in preparing the festivities.

She kept singing as she hovered back and fort from the kitchen to the others who were decorating. You are cooking that spag-hetti earth food with gelatinous worms! The one Robin and I had a day ago!

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Anonymous said: Starfire meeting the Batfamily headcanon (like the knowledge that they were dating before he popped over to ask Robin.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: This is too all those Robin and Starfire fans out there, only RobStar unless any other couple are apart of the story but RobStar main couple. All the best RobStar stories are here all categories. After an outburst at the only one who cared, they all leave.

He spends the rest of his life writing letters to Star that he’ll never send, and falling in love with beautiful Kory Anders. The Titans are commisioned to work in the mall at Christmas time.

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Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Robin, Starfire – Chapters: I could not believe she had the nerve to ask my Robin on the date.

This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. Robin and Starfire always seemed to have connection through the series, but didn’t get together until the movie Trouble in Tokyo. Starfire’s bubbly, sweet innocence balances with Robin’s serious, down to earth vibe. They are each other’s best friend and main love interest throughout the series. Ever since the day the two of them first met, both Robin and Starfire have had romantic feelings for each other, but are completely unaware of how the other feels.

However, though they remain unaware, it’s obvious to everyone else how they truly feel about each other, as even a few enemies have realized just how smitten they are.

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